I attended a meeting yesterday at the Racine County courthouse  focused on trying to find a location for another homeless shelter in Racine - one which won't be perceived as so rigid in denying services if they choose not to work on getting sober. Kudos to the County...

How positive are you about your giving?

Significant gifts to benefit others through viable non-profit programs should never be "impulse buying". This is also true of "impulse" increases to organizations you have been supporting who are pitching a new product or major expansions if you increase your giving....

Helping Paris

The horror in Paris makes many feel helpless, others resolved and angry, and nearly all of us grieving. Perhaps one way of helping stop the acceleration of murderers and their colleagues being inspired by great hate and ignorance absorbed from truly evil sources is to...

Higher Expectations

One of the most important efforts in Racine is the collaborative called Higher Expectations , a public/private/independent sector partnership with a long term perspective on the education and eventual employability of our children. The partnership had its beginnings...

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