Individual and Family Strategies

Your generosity can be better informed with independent and expert counsel

Getting Involved

Much of what Giving that Matters offers, you might learn how to do yourself. Greater involvement by donors in organizations they support is almost always beneficial and Giving that Matters strongly encourages direct engagement as much as possible.

You likely have limited time to devote to the work or develop the expertise that it takes to truly get the most of your significant charitable contributions. Even if you are very active with the charitable organizations you currently support, you may not be getting all of the results you had hoped for or can envision. Giving that Matters will help you analyze why this might be true and develop a plan that will help the agency or program you support achieve and surpass its goals and better leverage your giving.

Program Excellence

Dave and his team will also help you find an organization with the capacity to design something new or significantly enhance a current program that will achieve the specific results you want to see achieved. If appropriate, we can make sure your giving is leveraged so that you have partners in the successful development you want to see. We have designed and been party to the development of state-of-the art programs for my entire career. There is no reason to settle for “pretty good”.

Let’s begin

We begin with a 60-90 minute conversation about your current expectations and philanthropic relationships and the desires you have for the future.  After that, we will develop a plan together that provides the foundation for making your personal philanthropic vision a reality.

Sample process for Individual Strategies



Get acquainted conversation to articulate value of service


First discussion on individual/family philanthropic vision and values


Discussion of current philanthropic investments and perceived effectiveness of same


Relationships review of agencies, volunteers, peer donors


Current considerations of increased giving or changes desired


Discussion of considerations of new investments being requested or desired


Research, analysis and initial recommendations


Discussion on recommendations and desired outcomes


Final report  and agreed upon plan prior to gift

Follow Up

Incremental follow-ups on results

Interested in Individual Strategies?

If you’re interested in Individual Strategies and need more information, please contact with me your name and message. One person can make a change, maybe that person is you.

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