Dave Maurer

Philanthropic Consultant and Strategist

My approach to leadership is founded on an insatiable curiosity about how to make programs and communities more effective. I worked as an educator and a direct service provider in youth programming in my early career. Before beginning this business, my career with United Way spanned over 30 years. I served in Houston, TX and Rockford, Ill. before moving to Racine, WI where I was president of the United Way of Racine County beginning May,1990, retiring in 2014. I remain a volunteer for one of the great organizations in the world.

Background Brief

Giving that Matters is designed to identify, analyze and help develop quality programs that get results on behalf of investors and non-profits. My ability to do this with my associates is complemented by deep knowledge and expertise in the management of positive donor/agency relationships. I have been fortunate to help lead and participate on leadership teams in numerous cross- sector partnerships that addressed and helped advance solutions to complex community issues. My skill-sets in the following areas are nourished by the wisdom and experience of  hundreds of professionals and volunteers with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working through the years. My associates help complement my ability to deliver independent expertise that provides a product that will delight individual and family donors, businesses and non-profits.

  • philanthropy
  • relationship management
  • program design and development
  • strategic plan implementation
  • agency and community partnerships
  • fund development including grantsmanship
  • strategic initiatives
  • community impact
  • health and human services

I am proud to introduce everyone to Giving That Matters and look forward to continuing my lifetime passion of helping others help others.

References and Recognition

My personal references extend throughout the country and include such individuals as the CEO of United Way Worldwide, President of United Way – USA, CEO of Modine Manufacturing and the recently retired Director of the S.C. Johnson Giving Fund.  I have worked with CEOs, their executive staff, and community leaders across the nation. My associates and on going professional relationships enable me to work effectively with donors, businesses and non-profits anywhere in the USA.

In 2011-2012, I was honored to be one of two United Way CEOs asked to serve on a 10 member search committee that hired the first United Way President of the USA. I served on the National Professional Council for United Way worldwide from 2007 until my retirement in 2014. I was honored to receive several community awards during my United Way career, including the Samuel C. Johnson Volunteer of the Year award in 2014.

Racine Achievements

My leadership at United Way of Racine County helped achieve a number of high impact public/private community-wide initiatives including: the creation of the Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization (HALO), Advancing Family Assets, a highly recognized and award winning initiative which started in 2007-08, and Schools of Hope, a volunteer tutoring program for early grade reading success.  All are large scope, long-term efforts that were begun during my stewardship and continue to evolve and grow.

Early Career

Prior to my work with United Way, and following my graduation from the University of Illinois in Champaign, I taught high school English, Speech and Drama, designed and coordinated a youth participation program funded by the Chicago Community Trust, worked for the Houston Community College as a campus administrator,  and wrote several successful grants for a number of non-profit organizations. I have been happily married for many years and have two adult children.