Greek. Meaning love of humankind. The desire to promote the welfare of others,
expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.


Giving that Matters is a Philanthropic consulting service provided by Dave Maurer and associates. Businesses with annual philanthropic budgets of $30,000 or more, individual and family philanthropists, and non-profits aspiring to exceed expectations can find solutions through Giving that Matters. Wealth managers of clients who have charitable portfolios can also greatly enhance the benefits they offer in getting their clients the greatest program impact for their charitable contributions.  Founder Dave Maurer has been recognized for his boldness of vision, his strategic thinking and his compassion for community for more than 25 years. Giving that Matters focuses on three core markets: Individuals, Businesses, and Non-Profits. Please contact Dave or explore his three different strategies below.


Giving That Matters will work to ensure your philanthropic investments reflect precisely the values you or your business hold most dear. Dave and his associates will provide the independent expertise and experience you need to make this happen. If you are a leader of a non-profit human service organization, Giving that Matters will help you fulfill your mission and become a “best of class” agency in your field that will attract and sustain funds from donors who care about your work.


My success in gaining the trust of hundreds of individuals, businesses and non-profits throughout my career has been built on many factors. One of those factors is that I have a deep understanding of the need to hold in confidence sensitive information that may be shared in conversations about giving, programs and relationships. I think you will recognize this quality in me when we meet.


Individual | Business | Non-Profit

Individual Strategies

As an individual giver, or as a part of a family of philanthropists, Giving that Matters will ensure you get a fuller picture of the causes and organizations you are investing in currently, or the new investments you are considering. Your current relationships with the agencies or donor partners will be fully respected and future investments can be leveraged to get the best return on all of your philanthropic investments.

Business Strategies

Your business has a philanthropic budget of at least $30,000 per year that will likely grow with time as your business grows. But your budget does not include staff who are trained or wholly devoted to these investments which are designed to reflect your corporate and community values. Call me to discuss the training and expertise I can provide to ensure your current and future investments exceed the results you expect for the contributions you make.

Non-Profit Strategies

Many strong and viable agencies and programs level off without achieving their full potential because their day-to-day work and year-to-year challenges are all consuming. Giving That Matters can help the executive director and board overcome this common condition in what is otherwise a successful organization. Contact us to help position your agency for growth through strategic support tailored to your organization and the community environment in which you operate.

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