Non-Profit Strategies

We can help meet your aspirations of being the best of class provider in your field of service

Achieve your full potential

The health and human service segments of the non-profit sector have provided services to our country that, examined as a collective, are miraculous in scope and effectiveness.  Yet, the revenues to these organizations have generally been flat as a percentage of overall philanthropy. Many strong and viable agencies level off without achieving their full potential because their day-to-day work and year-to-year challenges are all consuming.

Many younger innovative agencies achieve early success and find it difficult to grow beyond their first few victories, perhaps in part because they don’t adjust their operations in ways that will help them continue to grow while sustaining their creativity.

Effective strategy is critical

We can help selected health and human service non-profit organizations position themselves for further growth through an analysis of their programs, their strategies and their internal and external relationships.

Each agency is unique and our approach is to work with staff and board leadership to develop an action plan to develop or enrich the growth strategies that will enable each organization to be the “best in class” in a two to three year time frame.

If your organization does not have a strategic plan, you need one. We can help find and support a strategic planning facilitator who will work fast and smart in this important step. If you already have a strategic plan, you perhaps realize it has not provided all you need in planning to be great at what you do.

Specifically for United Ways and their partners

Dave Maurer and his associates can help United Ways with annual revenues  between $500,000 and $10,000,000 in a multitude of ways should they desire an outside partner extraordinarily wise and empathetic with the challenges of “building an improved airplane while it is in the air.” Whether you have been on the community impact road for years or a short time, we can provide perspective and support that will be as effective as it is unique in its approach.

We also have a robust and positive history of working to ensure partners of United Ways are fully capable and successful in growing their revenues from United Way and other funders through high quality programming and effective collaboration.

Sample Process for Non-Profit Strategies


Initial conversation(s)with executive director and/or board chair

Articulate history of organization and program evolution


Develop key questions and initial outcomes desired

Further discussion on growth challenges


Baseline Assessment: Mission and program (s), strategic plan, 990, by-laws, current staffing , major grants and donors,  key partnerships, environmental issues, leadership protocols


Conversations with key stakeholders, past and present

Perspectives on competitors


Action Plan and recommendations Board discussion of same

Refine plan based on board review

Follow Up

Agreed upon incremental follow-up

3 – 6 month intervals  for up to 2 years